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Vpn One Click 1.2

Secure your privacy and maintain your anonymity while surfing the web.


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Secure your privacy and maintain your anonymity while surfing the web.

Vpn One Click Advantages: - unblock all blocked service like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu tv, Pandora, Skype, Youtube, etc. any voip and any web site! - maintain total anonymity in all Internet connections encrypting ALL your Internet Communication using encrypted PPTP protocol at 128 bit or L2tp/Ipsec 256 bit! - Vpn One Click servers are located in many different countries: Usa, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom,Germany,France,Netherlands,Switzerland,Italy,Singapore and India! - avoids the interception of ALL Internet communication (not only web surfing)! - access any website without any tracking, interception or filter from anyone! - use the internet connection at the maximum speed with no visible delay! - Unlimited Bandwidth!

Vpn One Click is the best User friendly program that use an internface intuitive and easy to use. just one simple click and you can connect to any vpn do you want! Vpn One Click is the only one VPN for Mac of the world to be present on the MAC App Store. This makes Vpn One CLick a 100% reliable program, trusted also by Apple!

This program is designed for those that care about their privacy and want to remain anonymous on internet! This program is also essential for those who live abroad or travel a lot because it allows you to Watch your National TV from everywhere!

Vpn One Click


Vpn One Click 1.2

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  • harrythunder

    by harrythunder

    "Good way to protect your privacy online"

    VPN One click helps to protect your privacy online. This handy app masks your current location and lets you access re...   More.

  • selenetorre

    by selenetorre


    very useful app, fast and easy to use. i have the same app also for my iphone and ipad. the app has a lot of server...   More.